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Who We Are!

Ruuz is a full-service digital agency, based in the city of London. We connect with businesses of all sizes and help them unlock the incredible potential of the web with our range of tailored services.

Our work covers the entire online spectrum, from web design and development, to digital marketing, social media campaigns, eCommerce, content strategy, mobile apps, and much more.

We love working with print, too, which remains one of the most powerful ways of putting your brand directly in customers’ hands.

So whatever your business needs, our talented team of senior specialists provides a one-stop shop of online and offline services that deliver clear business benefits and help boost your bottom line.

Billions of potential new customers live in the digital universe. We’ll help you find them – and take your business’s online presence into the next dimension.

Our approach

How we add value

Ruuz’s people are empowered to continually develop and push themselves so they deliver the maximum value for every one of our clients. We strive to go beyond simple client satisfaction and create some magic.

We do this by working closely with all our clients. We want to understand their brand, their values and the fascinating stories that make them unique. Next, we work up solutions. It’s about listening and collaborating – and then drawing on all the creative talent in the agency to sprinkle some magic.

We work hard on our ideas and polish them until they shine. An early solution might be functional and satisfactory. If that’s the case, we’ll keep working at it, adding additional flair until it’s more desirable. We’ll continue to improve and hone it until we’re sure the result will wow our clients and the all-important end users.

From building a beautiful website to rethinking your SEO, we always push ourselves to create something beautiful.

Web users are fickle fish who are difficult to hook. But our approach and dedication to quality ensures end users will find enough value in the aesthetics, functionality and usability of your digital offering to keep coming back.

Ruuz Ltd

On stage – and behind the scenes

Ruuz colleagues are always at the end of the phone or email to answer your questions and provide professional and friendly advice.

We apply the highest professional standards to all communication with clients. Whoever you talk to, we’ll all be on script. And if one person can’t help you, they’ll point you in the direction of someone who can.

We’re proud to deliver consistently high quality projects to deadline. And lots of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure our standards of service and performance are extremely high.

For a start, we use the latest technology and best practice to ensure we’re ahead of the game. And we constantly review and update our systems to ensure we stay ahead of the rapidly flowing digital river.

Hard work, collaboration and a ground-breaking approach to technology and new trends in the industry keep us fresh and interested. It’s how we help you fully exploit the power of the web.

Digging deep for our clients

Ruuz is built on passion, innovation, creativity and collaboration. These are the values that guide us – and we always dig deep for our clients.

Our reliable and responsive team is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and highly accomplished projects, every single time.

We use the latest tools, creative thinking and cutting-edge technology to bring real benefits to your business.

Younger members of the team bring fresh ideas to the mix, while senior specialists ensure we deliver the customer focus, professionalism and service standards that dynamic businesses demand.

What’s more, we’re open and transparent about our pricing and all aspects of how we work. In doing so, we build deeper trust and long-lasting client relationships.


Customer Testimonials!

  • We would like to thank Ruuz for creating our new website for us. Our previous website was simply non-viable. The design that Ruuz has created for us looks professional and 100% more efficiently accessed than before.
    The service Ruuz provides us with is flawless and without any hassles. Ruuz designers have been with us at every step of the way, making sure we were happy at every stage. We highly recommend Ruuz as we are sure they will treat every client as whole heartedly as us.

    Amir Ghoreishi Deputy Managing Director Shavadoon Co
  • As a professional design and construction company, dealing with all marketing and advertising are two major points to carry on our business forward successfully. Finding a first-rate and reliable web designer is challenging for any business owner. We are extremely fortunate to find Ruuz to create our web-site. The communication during the whole process was superb and it was obvious that they were enthusiastic to develop a long-term relationship with us. Ruuz paid attention to every detail of our design, layout, logo, color, branding and presentation. Their response time to our numerous daily emails was spot-on and they welcomed all our concerns and comments. We highly recommend Ruuz for your business !

    Shadi Veridge Managing Director
  • Since we started to use Ruuz for SEO and website hosting, I have seen massive improvement in our search results for our keywords. My account manager is constantly in touch with me with updates on how the website and SEO side of things are moving.
    Web hosting services are also second to none. Our website has been running faster than ever before since we migrated over from the previous provide. All in all, great service and I look forward to working with Ruuz Ltd for years to come..

    Changiz Furniture Bay's MD
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