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Search engine algorithm – Off-Page Factors

Another part of algorithms which is specifically designed for each search engine is called off-Page factors. Off page factors are described as click-through measurement and linking. The repetitiveness and commonness of click-through rates and linking is showing how appropriate and accordant a web page is to users who visit the web regularly. This is an important indicator to rank a webpage. In other word, if a webpage is more relevant to actual users, it will be ranked higher by its algorithms. The biggest advantage described for off-page factors is the excessive effect on the ranking of a page which depends on search engine algorithms.

As described in some scientific papers, search engine algorithms play a mysteries role behind search engines. It sometimes comically called the search engine “secret sauce”. The algorithm of each engine has a crucial role in search engine optimisation. The most important factors which influence the importance part of algorithms are the correspondence of a web page, the off-page factors and other specific factors of each search engine. In addition to all mentioned factors which help make the algorithms an important part of the search engine, the role of basic functions of search engine should not be underestimated.

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